Screwball Pitch Essentials: Mastering Baseball’s Trickiest Throw

Explore the rich history of the screwball pitch in baseball, from Christy Mathewson to Carl Hubbell, and its evolution throughout the game's history. Discover its deceptive motion and lasting influence in the pitching tradition.

Origins and History

The screwball is a unique baseball pitch with a rich history linked to iconic names.

This section explores the pioneers of the pitch and how it’s evolved in the game of baseball.

Influential Pitchers

One of the earliest and most famed practitioners of the screwball was Christy Mathewson, who pitched for the New York Giants from 1900 to 1916.

Mathewson’s mastery of the pitch, which he called a “fadeaway”, helped cement its place in baseball lore.

Another notable screwball artist is Carl Hubbell, a Hall of Famer whose skillful use of the pitch during his career with the New York Giants garnered national attention and further popularized the screwball.

Evolution of the Screwball

The screwball’s journey through baseball history has been marked by its deceptive motion, making it a valuable tool for pitchers and a source of vexation for batters.

Despite its early success, the pitch has waned in popularity, partly due to the physical strain it places on a pitcher’s arm.

Though not as common today, the screwball’s influence persists, standing as a testament to the inventiveness within baseball’s pitching tradition.

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