When Does the MLB Season End in 2024: Get Ready for Playoff Season!

Get ready for a season packed with international games, iconic traditions, and thrilling matchups. From Opening Series in Seoul to the All-Star Game and commemorative events, baseball fans will be captivated from start to finish.

2024 MLB Regular Season Overview

The Major League Baseball’s 2024 season brings excitement with its schedule spanning from late March to late September, featuring international games, traditional festivities, and the much-anticipated All-Star Game.

Key Dates and Events

  • Opening Series in Seoul: On March 20-21, the season kicks off internationally with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres playing in Seoul.
  • Traditional Opening Day: All 30 teams hit the field on March 28, marking the start of the regular season.
  • All-Star Game: Slated for July 16, the 94th All-Star Game will be hosted at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.
  • Jackie Robinson Day: Players and fans pay tribute to this icon every April 15th.
  • Lou Gehrig Day: Commemorated on June 2nd to honor the legacy of the legendary first baseman.
  • Roberto Clemente Day: Celebrated league-wide to recognize Clemente’s contributions and humanitarian efforts.
  • Season Finale: Teams wrap up the regular season on September 29.

Team Schedules and Match-ups

  • Individual Team Schedules: Every team will have their schedules available on their websites, detailing match-ups and game times.
  • Fourth of July: Special games typically take place to celebrate Independence Day.
  • Doubleheaders: Scheduled throughout the season, these allow teams to play two games back-to-back, often making up for earlier postponements.

The 2024 MLB regular season guarantees a host of games filled with home runs, strikeouts, and base-stealing action for baseball fans to enjoy from spring through early fall.

International Games and Special Events

In 2024, Major League Baseball fans can look forward to enjoying the thrill of the game on a global scale.

These international matchups and special commemorative games provide a chance to experience MLB in unique settings and honor baseball’s rich history.

MLB World Tour

MLB’s international presence in 2024 includes the MLB World Tour, set to stage games across multiple continents.

Notably, the lineup features the Seoul Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and matches slated for Mexico City, London, and possibly destinations like Japan and Australia, reflecting baseball’s far-reaching appeal.

  • Locations Scheduled:
    • Seoul, South Korea: Dodgers vs. Padres
    • Mexico City, Mexico: Astros vs. Rockies
    • London, United Kingdom: Teams TBD

Commemorative Games

The MLB schedule also includes games that commemorate significant moments and milestones in baseball history.

For instance, 2024 might see special games at historic locations like Rickwood Field, associated with the storied past of the Negro Leagues.

Fans could also expect games at modern marvels like Globe Life Field in Arlington, which may host matchups tying current play to the grand history of baseball in the U.S.

  • Possible Commemorative Events:

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2024 MLB season packs a full schedule, culminating in postseason excitement.

Here’s the scoop on the essential dates and structure fans are keen to know.

What’s the final day of the MLB 2024 regular season?

The final day of the MLB 2024 regular season is set for September 29, wrapping up the intense battles on the diamond for playoff positioning.

When are the 2024 MLB playoffs slated to kick off?

The 2024 MLB playoffs are expected to begin in early October, following the conclusion of the regular season, with exact dates to be announced later.

How many games are there in the 2024 MLB regular season?

Each team in the 2024 MLB regular season will play 162 games, maintaining the longstanding tradition of the league’s schedule.

Can you tell me the dates for the 2024 World Series?

While the exact dates for the 2024 World Series haven’t been confirmed, it typically begins in late October, so fans should mark their calendars accordingly.

Are the team schedules for the 2024 MLB season available?

Team schedules for the MLB 2024 season have been released, allowing fans to plan ahead for all the can’t-miss games.

How’s the postseason structured for MLB in 2024?

The MLB postseason in 2024 will follow a tiered format, featuring Wild Card Games, Division Series, Championship Series, and culminating with the World Series.