Astros Season Tickets: Your Guide to the Home Game Experience

Get priority access to World Series tickets, exclusive perks, and a range of seating options with Astros season tickets. Purchase through SeatGeek for a straightforward and easy process.

Astros 2023 Season Overview

The Houston Astros, coming off a triumphant World Series win, are entering the 2023 MLB season with high expectations.

The team’s schedule is peppered with high-stakes games against formidable league rivals.

Key Games and Match-Ups

  • Against AL West: Expect sparks to fly when the Astros face their AL West competitors. Match-ups with the Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers will be crucial in determining the division lead.

  • Interdivision Games: The games against the Chicago White Sox from the AL Central are on every fan’s radar, promising a blend of strategy and power. Always intense, the series with the New York Yankees will be a litmus test for the team’s championship aspirations.

  • National League Highlights: Interleague play brings excitement as well, with the Astros going bat-to-bat against the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies, teams with recent deep postseason runs. Not to be missed are games against the Los Angeles Dodgers, offering a potential World Series preview.

Postseason Prospects

  • Chasing October: The Astros are no strangers to the American League Championship Series (ALCS), and with a strong roster, they aim to make another deep run in hopes of clinching back-to-back World Series titles.

  • Comparison to Rivals: The team’s chances are often compared to those of their eternal rivals like the Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The competition within the American League will be fierce, but the Astros have consistently proven they thrive under pressure.

The Astros’ success in the regular season could lay the groundwork for another memorable October, reminding the baseball world why Houston has become synonymous with resilience and victory.

Astros Season Tickets Guide

Astros season tickets offer fans a way to experience every electrifying game at Minute Maid Park.

They combine the thrill of the game with a range of benefits, seating options, and easy management through the MLB Ballpark app.

Benefits and Exclusives

Season ticket holders enjoy a plethora of exclusive perks. Priority access to World Series tickets is just the tip of the iceberg.

Holders take part in special events that delve into the Astros’ storied history, have opportunities to marvel at the World Series Trophy, and even get discounts on Astros jerseys and merchandise.

They’re also privy to Meet and Greet events with favorite players like Jose Altuve.

  • Early Entry: To batting practice for most games.
  • Dedicated Entrance: Exclusive season ticket holder gate.

Pricing and Seating Options

Each seat at Minute Maid Park offers a unique viewing experience and pricing varies accordingly—from luxurious Premium Seats with all the amenities to cheap Astros tickets for those on a budget. Group tickets provide a way to enjoy the game with friends, while standing room only options are available for the most popular games.

To understand the options, Astros provide a detailed Minute Maid Park seating chart.

  • Premium Seats: High-end experience.
  • Get-In Price: Affordable way to be part of the action.

How to Purchase and Transfer Tickets

Buying season tickets is straightforward via SeatGeek, the team’s official ticket partner.

Once purchased, tickets can be easily managed and transferred through the MLB Ballpark app.

When needed, season tickets can be sold on the secondary market.

  • Purchase: Online or by calling the ticket sales office.
  • Transfer: Seamlessly with the MLB Ballpark app.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking to purchase Astros season tickets, fans often have a variety of questions regarding the buying process, benefits, pricing, and resale options.

The following subsections address the most common inquiries.

When can I start buying Astros season tickets for 2023?

Season tickets for the 2023 Houston Astros games are typically made available shortly after the conclusion of the previous season.

Fans are encouraged to purchase them as soon as possible to ensure they don’t miss out.

What perks come with an Astros season ticket package?

Astros season ticket holders enjoy exclusive benefits, like priority access to buy tickets for special events, a dedicated account manager, and significant savings on ticket prices as compared to single-game purchases.

Is it possible to sell my Astros season tickets if I can’t attend a game?

Yes, Astros season ticket holders have the flexibility to sell their tickets for the games they cannot attend through the MLB Ballpark app’s partnership with SeatGeek.

What’s the price range for Astros season tickets this year?

The price for Astros season tickets can vary based on the location of the seats and the ticket package.

Interested buyers should reach out directly to the Season Ticket Sales Department for the most accurate and current pricing information.

Do season ticket holders get first dibs on World Series tickets?

Season ticket holders typically have priority when it comes to purchasing postseason tickets, including potential World Series games, which is one of the most attractive benefits of being a season ticket holder.

Are premium seats like the diamond seats at Astros games really pricey?

The cost of premium seating options, such as diamond seats, reflects their elevated game-day experience.

For specific pricing, fans should contact the Astros ticket office or their account manager.

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