When Does the Baseball Season Start: Key Dates for 2024 Fans

Discover the key dates, divisions, and must-see matchups of the 2023 MLB season. From Opening Day to the World Series, baseball fans won't want to miss a moment!

Overview of MLB Season Start

Major League Baseball (MLB) fans eagerly anticipate the annual Opening Day, marking the start of the regular season, packed with a full slate of games featuring all 30 teams.

MLB Start Dates by Year

Since the year 2000, Major League Baseball (MLB) has had varying official start dates for each season.

  • 2000: March 29 (Wednesday)
  • 2001: April 1 (Sunday)
  • 2002: March 31 (Sunday)
  • 2003: March 30 (Sunday)
  • 2004: April 4 (Sunday)
  • 2005: April 3 (Sunday)
  • 2006: April 2 (Sunday)
  • 2007: April 1 (Sunday)
  • 2008: March 25 (Tuesday)
  • 2009: April 5 (Sunday)
  • 2010: April 4 (Sunday)
  • 2011: March 31 (Thursday)
  • 2012: March 28 (Wednesday)
  • 2013: March 31 (Sunday)
  • 2014: March 22 (Saturday)
  • 2015: April 5 (Sunday)
  • 2016: April 3 (Sunday)
  • 2017: April 2 (Sunday)
  • 2018: March 29 (Thursday)
  • 2019: March 20 (Wednesday)
  • 2020: July 23 (Thursday) (delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • 2021: April 1 (Thursday)
  • 2022: April 7 (Thursday) (delayed due to labor disputes)
  • 2023: March 30 (Thursday)
  • 2024: March 28 (Thursday)

Key Dates

  • Spring Training: Games commence in late February, allowing teams to warm up and evaluate players.
  • Opening Day: The 2023 season kicked off on Thursday, March 30; in 2024, that will be Thursday March 28.
  • All-Star Game: Mid-July presents the best of baseball in a star-studded affair.
  • Regular Season End: Late September wraps up the regular games.
  • Postseason: Following the season’s end, October is reserved for the playoffs.
  • World Series: The climax of the MLB calendar, often running into early November.

Teams and Divisions

MLB houses 30 teams split evenly between the American League (AL) and National League (NL), further breaking down into three divisions each:

  • NL East: Home to teams like the Mets and Nationals.
  • NL Central: Features historic teams like the Cubs and Cardinals.
  • NL West: Where powerhouse teams like the Dodgers compete.
  • AL East: Includes high-profile teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox.
  • AL Central: Hosts teams like the Twins and Indians.
  • AL West: Angels and Astros vie for supremacy here.

Each division’s winners and wild card teams progress to the postseason, battling for a chance to be crowned World Series champions.

Significant Games and Events

As the Major League Baseball season unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the start with marquee matchups and significant events that set the tone for the year.

Opening Series Highlights

Opening Day typically brings a full slate of games, marking the official start of the season.

This electric day is filled with hope for every team, with the first pitch symbolizing a fresh beginning.

The 2023 season kicks off on March 30 with all 30 teams in action.

Notable Opening Day games include the World Series champions, where the victors from last season begin the defense of their title.

  • New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox: One of the most storied rivalries in sports, this game is always a highlight of Opening Day.
  • Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves: A matchup of divisional rivals that often carries over the suspense and competition from the previous season.

Marquee Matchups

Throughout the season, specific series become the focus for baseball fans, offering a glimpse into potential playoff showdowns and featuring storied rivalries or the game’s brightest stars.

  • Subway Series – New York Mets vs. New York Yankees: A highly anticipated interleague play event where the two New York teams compete for citywide bragging rights.
  • Freeway Series – Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels: Showcasing the best of Southern California in an interleague series that always draws fan excitement.

Additionally, divisional games within the AL and NL East, featuring teams like the Philadelphia Phillies, Tampa Bay Rays, and Miami Marlins, intensify as the season progresses, often determining the fate of the postseason.

The battle for supremacy in the closely contested NL Central, with teams such as the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and Milwaukee Brewers, often leads to some of the most competitive baseball of the season.

Interleague games offer the unique opportunity to see matchups that often only happen in the World Series, like when the Houston Astros battle the Washington Nationals or when the Chicago White Sox face off against the Cincinnati Reds.

These games provide fans with the chance to see how their teams stack up against the competition from the other league.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball fans are gearing up for another exciting year as the MLB season draws near, bringing with it the promise of fresh starts and memorable plays.

When is the MLB’s opening day in 2024?

The MLB’s next season is set to swing into action with opening day on March 28, 2024.

Fans of America’s pastime are poised to fill stadiums and cheer on their favorite teams.

How long is the MLB season gonna last?

Fans can expect Major League Baseball to feature a robust schedule typically spanning from April to September, with regular-season games starting in late March and postseason play potentially stretching into early November.

Can I get a peek at the Cubbies’ schedule for 2024?

Enthusiasts of the Chicago Cubs can find their comprehensive 2024 schedule posted on the official MLB website as the season approaches, detailing all the matchups and game days.

What’s the Yankees’ lineup of games look like for 2024?

New York Yankees supporters can view the lineup of all the games for the 2024 season through the detailed schedule available on the Yankees’ official site once it has been released.

How many ballgames are the Cards set to play in ’24?

The St. Louis Cardinals, affectionately known as the ‘Cards,’ are slated to engage in the standard season of 162 regular-season games barring any unexpected changes for the 2024 MLB season.

Hey, when can I grab a printable version of the full 2024 MLB schedule?

Printable versions of the full MLB schedule for 2024 will be available on various baseball and sports websites once the schedule has been finalized and released.

Keep an eye out on MLB’s official website for these resources.